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Hi All,

Inspired by Vlad94's experiments in his topic Dual Core CPUs on Intel i915 and i925 chipsets I acquired Asrock 775XFire-VSTA. I even hadn't started to tinker with dual-core CPU-s yet as the mainboard denied working with my Radeon HD5450 PCIe graphics. It just didn't post. I was disappointed. But It did post with it in the PCIe x4 slot. A GeForce 8600 ran well in both PCIe slots. I googled and found some pieces of evidence of incompatibility this model (and also others) with relatively newer graphic cards.
Long story short, a new PEG init procedure was successfully ported into Asrock 775XFire-VSTA bios.
If you bump into the such weird problem you can find the bios-mod in attachment.
Everything at your own risk. Good luck!

P.S. Link to AFUDOS engineering version

775xfire-vsta-hwinfo-radeonhd.png 775xfire-vsta-aida-radeonhd.png


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    Improved compatibility with RadeonHD
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