Baby AT minitower case sightings

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Baby AT minitower case sightings

Postby snorg » 2017-5-19 @ 16:35

There seem to be several of these floating around on Ebay in the last 24 hours, you may want to check and grab one if you can. There are one or two sellers, or possibly the same guy with different accounts, that look like they came across a pallet of 486 and early pentium era systems. They aren't super cheap but they aren't going for ridiculous prices either considering most of them have useful systems inside.
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Re: Baby AT minitower case sightings

Postby badmojo » 2017-5-19 @ 21:57

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Re: Baby AT minitower case sightings

Postby Jade Falcon » 2017-5-20 @ 05:18

Link or it didn't happen
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Re: Baby AT minitower case sightings

Postby cj_reha » 2017-5-20 @ 14:05

The first one seems to be from a guy who is selling a ton of them on a surplus site for cheap, 50 or so dollars. Check or something like that, and search computer case
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