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New member introduction

Postby Cobra42898 » 2018-8-11 @ 14:10

Hi everyone. I decided to register because every time I need info on some obscure piece of minutia, I always get directed here.

I've got a few systems, slowly accumulating one from each kind of era.

Current toy:
IBM pc340, P100, 40mb ram, 850mb HDD, SB Vibra16c, win95c.

Also in the stable:
Sony vaio pcv120, p200, 16mb ram, and apparently an onboard rage ii card -that despite the "made for win95" decal, wouldn't operate the video and the drivers I found online were useless. I opted instead for win98se, and it just worked out of the box.

Dell tower with a p3 1.0ghz with what appears to be the 133mhz bus. Dual booting xp, me on different hard drives.

My father's obsolete Intel 865/ Celeron 2.6ghz/2gb ram. Removed one stick and running the win9x family is much easier with the vcache set right.

I'm making a home(non-internet) network for all of them. I have a nice large switch that makes that easy. With all the PCs connected, the dreaded " oh crap, it's on the other one" is a thing of the past.

Love older games like civ2, red alert, the original Nascar, Diablo... Plus all the old Dos classics from the 80s. Oregon trail, wheel of Fortune, jeopardy, etc.

I have the parts but sadly little time to get the old Tandy 1000sl back on the road. My second computer. First was an old level ii trs80. CLoad!

Looking forward to really going through this board. Hope I'm at home here.

Searching for Epson Actiontower 3000 486 PC.
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Re: New member introduction

Postby cyclone3d » 2018-8-11 @ 19:00

Welcome. Hope you find a bunch of useful information here.
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Re: New member introduction

Postby badmojo » 2018-8-11 @ 21:36

If it's broke, then fix it!
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Re: New member introduction

Postby gdjacobs » 2018-8-12 @ 01:09

Welcome! I hope you've found (and continue to find) interesting information here! When the time is right, please feel free to share more about what you and your cyber horde get up to.
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Re: New member introduction

Postby eL_PuSHeR » 2018-8-16 @ 07:28

Intel i7 5960X
Gigabye GA-X99-Gaming 5
8 GB DDR4 (2100)
8 GB GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming (Gigabyte)
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Re: New member introduction

Postby mwdmeyer » 2018-8-16 @ 07:51

Welcome. I really love red alert 2.
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