Vintage hardware collectors heaven.

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Vintage hardware collectors heaven.

Postby Procyon » 2018-12-07 @ 18:02

This video by MetalJesusRocks should be pretty interesting for some people here. :)
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Re: Vintage hardware collectors heaven.

Postby Tetrium » 2018-12-08 @ 13:19

I'd definitely visit a store like that! :D

I think it is interesting to watch it from a PoV from someone who doesn't know how to build a retro PC, but still having a certain respect for that.
Obviously anyone would want to go through all that stuff, looking for jewels. Metal Jesus would be more an end consumer and people like us would more be the ones working in the store and building/stresstesting the rigs (I really liked the store stresstesting their rigs before actually commissioning them).

I like how the store sorted their stuff, but I was less delighted to see how they stored it.
Seeing all those PCBs stacked on top of each other kinda made me cringe. But I can also understand that in a store, time is money and money will be relevant (and this way it's easier to spot certain parts instead of having it all packed up and labelled, which is much more time consuming).

I really do hope they check out the batteries in the back part of the store and fix that to prevent those old computers from going down their last journey of memory lane.

I was delighted to see a place that sells a couple stack of 5.25in FDDs! :D
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Re: Vintage hardware collectors heaven.

Postby buckeye » 2018-12-08 @ 21:35

That place is utopia! Of course it would have to be on the west coast, wish we had one in Bama.
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Re: Vintage hardware collectors heaven.

Postby Mister Xiado » 2018-12-09 @ 06:56

Ah, on the opposite side of the country, one of my top ten least favorite states.
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