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Just interested.

Is it possible to somehow control some home - made equipment plugged in the PC (for example through an LPT port) under WinXP / 2000 / NT?

I just heard about such stuff - model train owners created such in the past to control their system for example. So for example they have to throw these pieces of hardware in the bin (or keep an old PC running DOS / Win98) now?

Left this dictatoric junk. No. IV.

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You can control all hardware fine using Windows API's, problems with access are usually old DOS programs that need direct hardware access which in most situations (except VESA access) NTVDM cannot provide.

There are tools to "punch" through to the physical hardware but they make NT unstable. Best to program a Windows prog equivalent to the DOS ver.

Not sure if VPC/Vmware would help in those situations.

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