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I know this is specifically for vintage / retro rigs but figured people may still be interested in modern audio gear as well. For the main modern rig in my signature, I connect via WIFI to a pair of green KEF LSX designed by Michael Young. Now that I’ve gone for a predominately white theme for my main rig, I almost regret not getting the white editions.

For the Ghost S1 mk3 that sits behind my TV in the living room, I connect using the following:

• Yamaha CA-2000 (japanese edition)
• JBL 4307 on ISOAcoustics stands

For audio streaming I use the Bluesound Node 2i with most hardware connected by $50 RCA cables - I just can’t bring myself to spend more.

For the WIP Pentium II build I’m about to start, I have gone with the Roland MA-12C but am tempted to pick up a pair of Bose Mediamate as backups just cos they’re currently so readily available and cheap.


My ultimate dual 440LX / Voodoo2 SLI build

Test bench: Asus P3B-F | 1.3Ghz Tualeron w/ Powerleap | Geforce 2 Ti500 | SB Live! 5.1 CT4760

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badmojo wrote on 2012-07-20, 05:33:

...What's everyone else using? There's a lot of discussion around here about sound cards, but not much about speakers. There's some cool looking Roland computer speakers that I'd like to get my hands on (called 'MA-8'), but I haven't seen any being sold locally.

On my older setup I utilise a pair of Yamaha YST-M20DSPs with a YST-MSW5 bass unit. This speaker set up offers a fairly palatable (if slightly warm/muffled) full-range sound, a perfect pairing with some old-school FM-synth based music. It works reasonably well with some late 90's video game titles as well. One of the best features of this set up is that it offers multiple inputs and outputs allowing me to connect both sound cards in my set up to it at the same time.

On my P3 setup with the nicer sound card I'm using the Boston Acoustics BA635 satellite-sub complete set.
These speakers were tiny miracles in 1999 when I bought them and are to-date the best sounding speakers intended for computers I have ever heard. Absolutely nothing short of incredible, given that they sold for as little as $69 brand new. Many speakers today embody the "small size, big sound" philosophy, but usually it implies the sound is somehow managed, exaggerated or otherwise colored. Not so with these. The only thing I would fault them for, is that they do seem sensitive to placement and pick up interference rather easily from a variety of sources... The 4.5" sub can be a little shy in the lowest frequencies if poorly located, but what you hear is startlingly accurate and loud for a consumer product. Even though I've long since moved to listening to my music and watching movies in the living room with a dedicated system, I like firing the ol' BA635's up every once in a while for a listen just to enjoy the sound.

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