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Re: What game are you playing now?

Postby Kerr Avon » 2019-6-10 @ 20:06

appiah4 wrote:
buckeye wrote:Far Cry 1 for the first time, what a good looking game! Unfortunately per my ongoing habit I won't play it all the way through, instead will buy the next game that interests me just to check out the graphics and on and on it goes.

Which is just as well because the game goes to complete shit halfway through.

Far Cry is a much better game on the original XBox, in my opinion. The XBox version was altered quite a bit from the PC version, to compensate for the XBox's lower system specs, meaning that it's much more liner; gone are the mostly open world spaces, but to me the improved pacing of the encounters, and the scripted sequences that the linear layout of this version of the game allows are good enough that they don't feel forced or too predictable when you've played it multiple times. The game's story-line branches away from the PC versions, as does the gameplay as part way through the game you gain super-human powers (speed, strength, and a sort of visual/smell enhancement skill) and can fully go on the offensive. On the minus side, the vehicles and craft you encounter that you can control (be they air, ground, or water based) have more limited enviromental distances that they are available to you, but unlike the PC version, the XBox version doesn't go downhill, enjoyment-wise the further into the game you get. Well, the final boss fight isn't much fun, but up until then the game is great.

Far Cry is one of the few times when the console version of a game is better than the PC version, if you ask me.
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