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Intel486dx33 wrote on 2020-07-23, 09:08:

A BIGGER garage to put all this stuff in.

^this very much x3

apart from that...
IBM XT with monitor
ARK VLB card
a working Voodoo 4
Voodoo 5
just any Adlib card / Adlib Gold
8bit Aztech cards
CT1320 / CT1330

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I'd really like to have a dual Tualatin motherboard just to play around with. Preferably one from Abit.
Prices are too crazy for one of these, though. My only hope is finding one that is repairable one day.

And an Aureal Vortex 2. That's already on the horizon. 😀

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I promised myself I won't be collecting specific series because it's too damn expensive and frustrating. Some items are always rare and overpriced so you have to pay insane amounts of money just to complete the series, money that could be used to buy more interesting hardware.

Must have (even if it's expensive):
Anything from the Videoton VT-series (Hungarian tech company).
Anything from Műszertechnika (Hungarian tech company).
Complete IBM 5150.

Could use (if I get a bargain):
Slot A system.
Socket 8 mainboard.
Dual mainboard.

Would be nice (to have if it doesn't involve selling a kidney for it):
A working terminal from the 70's.
A working 8" floppy drive with functional disks.
Anything soviet that does more than a standard calculator.

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A 720k floppy drive for my Tandy 1000SL.

A slot1 PC (at least MB/CPU) of the p3 800-1000ish variety.

The Epson 486 I used to have as a kid.

And an ever increasing number of caps to repair all the stuff I *do* have.

Searching for Epson Actiontower 3000 486 PC.

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Intel486dx33 wrote on 2020-07-23, 09:08:

A BIGGER garage to put all this stuff in.

Don't forget that it needs to be climate controlled.

I still want a Pro Audio Spectrum Plus just to finish out that range of cards.

Still want the Gallant / Zoltrix cards I am missing... but they are super hard to find.

Yamaha YMF modified setupds and drivers
Yamaha XG resource repository - updated November 27, 2018
Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide
AW744L II - YMF744 - AOpen Cobra Sound Card - Install SB-Link Header
Epstein didn't kill himself

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A Biostar MB1325-P . The mainboard in our first family PC .

EDIT: This should probably go into rants, but there is one for sale as a "working" 486 board (it's a386 board) with no BIOS or keyboard controller or even a battery. Seller must have a special definition of "working" .

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I am looking for a “Turtle Beach Catalina”
And Turtle Beach ISA cards.


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kolderman wrote on 2020-07-23, 22:37:

An all-in-one 486 PC. And I'll probably never find one.

You should keep an eye open for a Compaq Presario CDS series, from time to time you can get one on eBay.

What is missing in my collection?
- a working board & CPU with 486DLC+CoPro 40MHz

PC #1: AMD 486DX2-80/UMC 8881/16MB SIMM/S3 Trio64V+/1.44/1GB HDD/ODD/DOS+Win3.1
PC #2: Pentium 200MMX/SIS 5571/128MB SD/Millenium II+m3d/2.88+1.2 FDD/1GB HDD/ODD/Win95
PC #3: AthlonXP 3200+/nForce2-400/2GB-400 DDR1/9800Pro/ZIP 750/200GB HDD/ODD/WIN XP SP3

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I'm not much of a hardware collector, I've got a single dedicated DOS machine that plays pretty much any DOS game I'd want to play, so I'm happy with that.

I've got a very small software collection, mostly RPGs and flight sims because these games had such awesome packaging back in the DOS days. However, it's quite hard to find any of these games here in Japan, so I am forced to go with Ebay and wait for deals (shipping is insane).

Someday I'd love to get:

  • Ultima: The First Trilogy (I have The Second Trilogy)
  • The Magic Candle 1/2/3
  • Ultima VII
  • Demon's Winter (nostalgic favorite from childhood, though its perfectly playable with a printout of the manual)

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From my previous posts I compiled complete list of what's found and not.

- Cyrix 287 math coprocessor (287, 287XL, 287XL+)
- Cyrix 486DRx2-66 (386 pinout)
- Cyrix 5x86 100/120

- Cyrix 5x86-133
- Nexgen NX586 PF100/110
- Intel 486DX4-100WB (SK096)
- Ti486SXL-40 (386 PGA pinout)
- Ti486SXL2-50/66 (386 pinout)
- Harris 80286 25Mhz
- IIT X2 487DLX25/50
- ULSI Math Co DX2 66MHz
- Weitek 3167-033

- ISA Tseng Labs ET4000/w32i 2MB
- ISA Diamond Speedstar24X

- ISA Diamond Speedstar32
- ISA Diamond Speedstar64
- VLB S3 Trio64
- VLB S3 Stealth 964/968/864/868
- PCI Tseng Labs ET4000/w32p
- PCI Tseng Labs ET6100

- AGP 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 64MB

- Conner 42MB 3.5" IDE
- Conner CFA850A 850MB 3.5" IDE

- Socket 370 to Tualatin converter (FC-PGA to FC-PGA2)
- 486 CPU voltage regulator socket adapter 5V to 3V
- ATi Mach64 memory upgrade module part number: 100-26401-00
- M919 cache module

- rectangular DIP crystal oscillators between 82 and 98Mhz
- Micomsoft XE-1 ST2 arcade stick for Sega Mega Drive

- Capcom Power Stick Fighter for Sega Mega Drive

I'm sure I've forgotten something but mostly I already have pretty much everything I ever wanted 😁

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