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LLSID - FM Operator SID emulator
Program that emulates SID music using geniune or emulated OPL3 sound chip
All those funky SID sounds are now even more awesome 😀

Created by Da!NyL , Lord Leinad
Download [LLSID 1.2F MS-DOS] [LLSID 1.4 WINDOWS] [SIDExamples]

llsid1_res.png | llsid2_res.png
DEMO Song #1 | DEMO Song #2 | DEMO Song #3 | Recorded using Crystal CS4236 OPL3

Archives contain:

  • LLSID 1.2F - Is an MS-DOS exclusive SID emulator that uses real onboard, genuine or clone, OPL3 sound chip to process SID music.
    Varying on type of OPL3 also varies the final result in sound tone, color and shape. The examples were recorded on Crystal CS4236 OPL3 clone, and sound pretty amazing.
    In the archive you will find LLSID main executable and documentation that came with the progrm..
  • LLSID 1.4 - Is an MicroSoft Windows exclusive SID emulator that uses an emulation program for OPL3 SID sound process.
    It comes with an custom made emulator. I tried to use the newest YMF262.DLL but the program wont start.
    In the archive you will find LLSID Win main executable, documentation thaht came with the program and OPL3 program emulator.
  • SIDExamples - Are example songs i recorded and used to demonstrate this program. The archieve also contains Final Fantasy 7 Racing Chocobos SID song that doesn't work well with LLSID MS-DOS version, there is a bug that makes it sound horrible at a certain part.
    This could also be a bug with Crystal CS4236 OPL3.


  • Built in file browse
    Support for PSID 1&2 and SIDPLAY SID+DAT combo files
    Quite accurate reproduction, i only noticed errors in one song so far (For OPL3 (because that isn't obvious 😀 ))
    Ability to be used with PATH command in Autoexec bath - It starts the file browser from the folder its called from


  • LLSID 1.2F - Genuine or clone OPL3 sound chip, MS-DOS 5 or newer
    LLSID 1.4 - YMF262.DLL , Windows operating system. It works under Windows 8.1 (tested)

The program can not play RSID file type. It reports it as - Unrecognised file type RSID. I have also noticed some small bugs in playback in a few files, for example Chocobo Racing song. I saw in the readme that there should be an source code somewhere and that LLSID2 is scrapped, but after a few hours of searching i didn't find a single archieve that contains the source code.
I found out the content and size of original archieves that contained the source:

> llsid12f.zip

  • < llsid.exe (23 kb)
    < SIDADSR.OBJ (121 bytes)
    < SIDWAVES.OBJ (266 bytes)
    < SID OPL.PAS (7 kb)
    < LLSID.TXT (1 kb)

> llsid14w32.zip

  • < license-ymf262.txt (1 kb)
    < LLSID.exe (83 kb)
    < LLSID.TXT (886 bytes)
    < SDL.DLL (88 kb)
    < ymf262.dll (10 kb) [ These can be found on MAME Website, but they dont work ]
    < ymf262.c (71 kb) [ Something is probably changed in the code of the plugin ]
    < ymf262.h (1 kb) [ Or the code of the program it self ]

A shame that it stopped developing, truly awesome piece of software, OPL3 can produce some amazing sounds making some of those SIDs sound even more awesome.
If any one can help me find source code and additional info on this program i would GREATLY appreciate it! 😀

Have fun!

[Update #1]
I have contacted the author of the program with questions about why has development stopped, information that his website is offline and question on where can i get the source code.
Developer, Da!NyL, replied that he stopped the development of the program because he lost the source code. 🙁

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What makes this emulation so special that it has to be using an OPL3?
If the SID waveforms are replaced by OPL3 waveforms, what do you mean by accurate? (I don't think OPL3 is capable of emulating the SID waveforms accurately)
In this case it would be also interesting how they implemented the analog filters (and ring modulation).

The latest SID emulations run with a digital output.
Also you didn't noted which SID emulation engine is used.
try http://kenchis.t15.org/jsidplay2/ or latest VICE for comparison.

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Not sure why it was so hard to find those files, I just googled SIDADSR.OBJ and the second link led me to those two archives you mentioned.


Also, This is pretty cool. I wonder if its using more than three OPL voices for the SID voices.
Sucks that it couldn't play RSID files, a lot of the .sid files I have happen to be RSID

Had a small problem with the DOS version, but was resolved by not loading a specific device driver.

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As the author said, he lost the source code. I couldnt find those files at all when googling. Maybe he re-uploaded them or something.
His website was also AFK.

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Stojke wrote:

LLSID 1.4 - Is an MicroSoft Windows exclusive SID emulator that uses an emulation program for OPL3 SID sound process.

Developer, Da!NyL, replied that he stopped the development of the program because he lost the source code. 🙁

This player is pretty tiny (~83 KiB) and it uses external YMF262 library API and based on SDL.

I think it's possible to decompile this program into C code. This may help the author to restore his source code.

by Stas'M

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If it's your dropbox account just create shared links and change the ?dl=0 part to ?dl=1

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Still available, even with some kind of source code.

I am aroused about any X86 motherboard that has full functional ISA slot. I think i have problem. Not really into that original (Turbo) XT,286,386 and CGA/EGA stuff. So just a DOS nut.