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I'm working on fleshing out my NT Compatibility list by adding:

Installer type and version
Supported Sound Cards
Supported Input Devices
Programming Language
Game Engine
Support Video modes/API's...

Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that would scan directories and identify at least some of what I listed above? A DOS4GW scanner would be pretty simple to program since all it would have to do is scan an .EXE and identify the DOS4GW STUB or scan the directory looking for the external STUB file DOS4GW.EXE

A Game Engine Scanner would be a little bit hard since file extensions could be changed but it could identify by file extension/programming language/and possibbly withing the executable.

Programming Language should be pretty simple even for executable that are compressed.

I was about to load up a Text Extractor and see if I could identify each one of these things myself but I just wanted to see if anyone knew of a program that does this already.

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