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Best way to cool a room?

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zirkoni wrote:
Snayperskaya wrote:

It isn't uncommon to hit 40-45ºC during the day and 32ºC+ during nights. 🤣

And people still live there? I would die at those temperatures. 😵

Hehehe. We had temps like this last year, and a month ago the street clocks/thermometers were hit a minimum of 9ºC. Too bad it is (almost) impossible for us to have snow, I'd love to see it 🙁

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candle_86 wrote:
Well let me tell you how we do it without AC here in texas. […]
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Well let me tell you how we do it without AC here in texas.

http://www.instructables.com/id/5-Gallon-Buck … ir-Conditioner/

This really works, had to do it in my place when the AC broke, kept the bedroom cool over the weekend until the apartment maintenance man could get it fixed.

To give you an idea, that weekend it was 104F(40C) outside, and our apartment thermostat was telling us it was 90F(36.6C) inside, it gets hot here in Texas.

Yes it works, we built 3 of them 🤣

There ya go!