strategy / tower defense old game

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strategy / tower defense old game

Postby gabi12523 » 2017-1-10 @ 21:20

I'm trying to find a strategy / tower defense game that came out sometime around 2001-2004 ((or possibly a little before that or more than little,because i was playing in this years when i was a child but the game maybe released before that).
In the game tanks and soldiers would attack a certain structure which you used to shoot back at them, and your goal was to defend the structure.
Before each battle there was a red map with red dots, you had to click on the dot to enter the new stage.
The game was played from a top-down perspective.
The Windows shortcut for the game was also red.
Please help me, I'm looking for this game for years.
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Re: strategy / tower defense old game

Postby eL_PuSHeR » 2017-1-11 @ 06:39

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