Do anybody collect other retrto stuff, not computers)

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Re: Do anybody collect other retrto stuff, not computers)

Postby Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman » 2017-6-30 @ 08:33

Just checking my photos on page 1, it seems I haven't exceeded remote linking threshold.
Never thought this thread would be that long, but now, for something different.....
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Re: Do anybody collect other retrto stuff, not computers)

Postby Unknown_K » 2017-6-30 @ 16:57

I still have my 90's era Technics stereo equipment (even added a few components). Nobody makes decent affordable 2 channel stereo equipment these days its all 7.1 or whatever is popular for HD video.

Everybody has their music collection on a hard drive these days but I still like the old higher end tape decks and CD changers or an exotic DAT drive.
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Re: Do anybody collect other retrto stuff, not computers)

Postby KCompRoom2000 » 2017-7-01 @ 03:27

I collect videos and music on old formats, I have one LaserDisc, 54 VHS tapes, 64 Audio Cassettes, and 6 Vinyl Records (on the "modern" disc formats I have 136 DVDs, 16 Blu-Rays, and 26 Music CDs (probably more in our household, I've only counted my personal collection so far)).

I have various other vintage electronic goodies in my possession, they include: four CRT televisions, four VCRs, a 4:3 15" LCD television, two film cameras, a Hi8 Camcorder, a mini cassette voice recorder, some game consoles, a CD/cassette boombox, etc.

My mom collects all kinds of fiesta-ware, poison bottles, hummel figurines, and old posters.

If anything else comes up at the top of my head and/or I find some pictures, I'll see about adding more to the subject.
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