15th Anniversary of VOGONS!

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Re: 15th Anniversary of VOGONS!

Postby olddos25 » 2017-9-27 @ 00:58

Another thing, take out that silly hat already! The anniversary is long since over.
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Re: 15th Anniversary of VOGONS!

Postby 95DosBox » 2017-9-27 @ 23:48

leileilol wrote:If Windows 2000's ntvdm and PCI soundcards didn't cause such a ruckus, we wouldn't be here.

I think if ISA slots existed that worked with Sound Blaster ISA cards were still carried on till today's KabyLake this site would probably not be around as long. :) I despised PCI sound cards for the longest time. The AWE64 carried me through many Windows versions. Damn you PCI. >:(

Curiously I wonder how gaming would have been changed had the Sound Blaster started on PCI for DOS and would that have killed off ISA slots earlier had it not been for Creative Labs.
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Re: 15th Anniversary of VOGONS!

Postby Kadath » 2017-11-01 @ 11:16

Happy Birthday to this fantastic plaza and community! Thanks for sharing all your precious topics, keep going forward!
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