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Hello, all.

Super Fighter Team has a new website as of yesterday. Main goals were based on customer & fan requests and included reducing the verbosity of the info sections, making the site generally easier to navigate, and etc. etc., while still keeping the "retro" design that can load quickly and display correctly on a wide array of browsers, even those 10-15+ years old. Have a look...


For those unfamiliar with us: we're a retro video game developer + publisher in business since 2004. In addition to our commercial games, I personally love spearheading free download projects -- and those are why I feel this topic is relevant here -- as we've released DOS games like Sango Fighter, Sango Fighter 2 and Super Fighter in updated versions since acquiring the legal rights to them. If you visit our site for no other reason, download these games and have a good time w/them. 😎

Thanks for looking!

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