Programs for building software (dos, windows 9x)

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Programs for building software (dos, windows 9x)

Postby Concerto » 2017-10-20 @ 19:10

Hello, I have some old pc builds that I am interested in developing on, so I am curious in knowing what kind of programs you guys use to make software, compile code, what libraries are used, that kind of thing. I am mostly focusing on dos/ windows 9x stuff.
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Re: Programs for building software (dos, windows 9x)

Postby GL1zdA » 2017-10-20 @ 19:22

If you want something recent, then use the Open Watcom compiler and an IDE of your choice - it lets you build any target from real mode DOS to Win32.
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Re: Programs for building software (dos, windows 9x)

Postby gca » 2017-10-20 @ 20:18

On my old boxes I usually stick to Borland compilers like Turbo-C++ v3 or Turbo Pascal (usually 5.5 or 7 because its what I have access to). For quick and ugly hacks to kill time or a one off just to get something running Q-Basic or its big brother Quick Basic.

Never did much Windows development but on the rare occasions that I do then I use GNU C/C++ with SDL for portability (even then the code usually needs some fettling to get Windows to co-operate with the code being ported from my usual Linux Mint dev platform) with Notepad++ as the editor.
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