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Game Discussion - Star Wars: Rebel Assault

Postby Giuliano » 2017-12-03 @ 16:38

Hello everyone,

One of the old games I like to play from time to time is Star Wars: Rebel Assault.

I was drawing a map of the cave on Chapter 7 — Imperial Probe Droids, and apparently I entered into an "invincible mode" by accident. But I don't know how to replicate it.

Here's an account of what I was doing:

(1) I activated the cheat mode. To activate the cheat mode, wait for the animated LucasArts logo. While the logo is spinning, move the joystick up and press fire, down and fire, left and fire, right and fire. You’ll hear a phone bell ringing and voices answering “LucasArts.” The cheat mode would now be active.

(2) I pressed [7] on the keyboard to jump to Chapter 7.

(3) I was flying through the cave while pressing [+] on the keyboard, to reset any ship damage to zero, so I could manage to draw the map of the cave.

(4) After a while, for some reason, I noticed that the ship was no longer suffering any damage. I entered, somehow, into an "invincible mode."

I wonder what triggered it. Was it a keyboard combination I pressed by chance? Or was it a specific combination of the [+] key pressings, as in a Morse Code?

I decided to post this behavior here, in case someone would like to help me investigate it.


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