Help me find a game

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Help me find a game

Postby Dynorka » 2018-3-16 @ 20:34

Can someone help me find a game ? :confused:
I barely remember things about it.(I dont remember the age of they)
In this game you take the control of a ant in a brown square (I think a formicary)
you need to collect some yellow diamonds shapes there.
Is like an Pac-Man clone or something.
In the middle of the brown square there's an red gigant ant,she spred enemies,i think other ants on you.
She behave like the square where ghosts spawn in Pac-Man
You can dig other ways in the square just like Digger for the IBM.
It's not the MAXIS Sim Ant game
Have you ever seen this game ? is so important for me,it brings me so many memories of my childhood. :depressed:
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Re: Help me find a game

Postby eL_PuSHeR » 2018-3-17 @ 10:19

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