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Yeah I saw that evergreen CPU I was outbid at $520 but didn't realistically expect to win it......

It came up on my search listings and when I saw the evergreen package with a cyrix CPU I thought "Could it be"? And it was on closer inspection.

Does anyone know much about the boxes of these evergreen CPUS?

That Cyrix one that sold had the black/purple box, theirs an AMD version for sale right now with the whitish and AMD logo on the front.

So does that mean, if you ever see a Evergreen box with the black/purple it has the cyrix 5x86-133?

I wonder if the buyer was a vogons member? I would love to see the back of the box and contents of the manuals.

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I am hoping that a user here won that auction. If so, I may know who. I would really like a proper scan of the manual. I've never seen the manual contents for the case of a Cyrix 5x86-133/4x chip, or even a Cyrix 5x86 for that matter. Unfortunately, 99% of the population with a scanner don't know how to use it properly. People think scanning all pages in colour or even greyscale are the way to go, but they won't print well. Covers and photos should be scanned in grey or colour, depending on the original content, but the bulk of the manual, which is likely just black text or black line graphics should be scanned in 1-bit mode with an appropriate bitmap threshold set. This way the manual will print out beautifully with any printer.

Concerning the Evergreen box, user Anonymous Coward and I did some detailed analysis on this a few years back but I don't recall the outcome. His memory is better than mine, perhaps send him a PM. What I do recall is that there was a switch over when Evergreen could no longer acquire the Cyrix 5x86-133 samples and went with AMD units instead. I think we determined that some AMD chips may be in the same box as the Cyrix during this transition period. Even if the has the black/purple background with the green letters, it may contain a Cyrix 5x86-100 or an unmarked CPU.

$520, yeah, way too low. Even if I still had cash in the bank, I wouldn't have bothered bidding on this. It truely was a unique find. I've never seen a properly boxed Cyrix 5x86-133/4x like this.

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