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I get that it supports 9-pin CGA. But aren't there adapters for that?

What makes this thing demand such a price. I don't get it.


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Probably because they will never sell a lot of these (compared to consumer mass market products), they could require custom low-run driver boards and other one-of-a-kind hardware/software, etc. There is probably no planned obsolence either because the industrial grade parts must be durable and reliable for a longer time because upgrading/retooling the whole factory sounds super expensive, one of the reasons why new products have only small incremental upgrades every year.

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To make lots of money, of course. 😁 It's a niche market, so they can do that.
Whether or not quality is any different from consumer stuff, is a question that can't be easily answered, I think.

I remember (ancient) stories about modern oscilloscopes (~80s) that were equipped with lead plates.
To make them more heavy, so their clienteles would accept them as "professional" gear.

Personally, I believe that this kind of industry-supporting small companies do a lot of ballyhoo
for something that could be assembled within a week on a Veroboard by a student.

I'm not talking about this monitor, but rather in general.
It's no real criticism, though, just my point of view.

I understand that they have to do that in order to sell that stuff.

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I suppose that in the industry area, eletronics components come with a different faster warranty and expensive support if something get faulty. I also imagine many eletronic components works probably in lower/higher temperatures and all weather conditions. I remember PLC automation where many components were really built to work in all conditions.