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The world may be due for a war

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badmojo wrote:

Nonsense, we need to continue the trend of building a global economy and homogenising our cultures so that there's more "us" than "them". This is the process responcible for what has been a very peacful period in our history (relatively speaking) and although it will falter from time-to-time, it's the logical conclusion to what humanity has been doing for thousands of years, i.e. building bridges b/w tribes via a shared economy and eventually just merging into one big tribe.

Agreeing with this line of thought. Although the current situation is mostly not conducive for the above, this must be the path everyone should try to switch to...to move forward as a species in the next hundreds or thousands of years to come, i.e. if we don't face some extinction level event or revenge by Nature...for the history of atrocities by our species.

Earlier it was the fear of God or 'Superior' force(along with the concept of Heaven/Hell), that instilled discipline and ethics in the majority of the normal folks. Now in the 'knowledge' age...not so much. Almost everybody wants to push the other guy aside and in 'compete' mode...most of the time. With the shortage of resources, this is inevitable. As long as the imbalance is there in our society, there is no sustained way forward for our species. Somehow the basic needs of the people all around the world have to be first met without endangering the natural harmony and environment. There are long-drawn-out ways to possibly achieve that...Also less consumption of resources and stopping the wastage of such precious resources will go a long way in that direction.

Once the basic needs of these people are met, if required, they may be supported so that their knowledge/wisdom level reaches an equilibrium with reference to others. The new generations are increasingly becoming smart, so this should be definitely feasible. Then only the imbalance and the associated shortfalls will go out of the society permanently. At the same time, greed of the people who are dictating(whereas they should have been service-minded & responsible), needs to be dealt with for taking care of the unnecessary hoarding of basic resources.

Contrary to what was said in an earlier post, the change should come from within. It may take a lot of time, but that is the only sustainable way. Currently too much of negativity is pervading everywhere and these need to be overcome by spreading positivity wherever and whenever possible. Small kind deeds all around can make a lot of impact, if done on a continuous basis...even a hardened heart could melt in such a case. Let there be compassion & enlightenment among us all...

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Heh I'd better shut up before I start a war in this thread, but I'll just finish with this - I'm not advocating a forced merging of our once insular tribes, it's happening by itself. This forum is a great example of it actually - here we are, people from all over the world speaking a common language and sharing common experiences. On other similar forums we, the nerds of the world, are trading or selling parts to each other via common financial mechanisms, sharing content on YouTube, getting to know each other a little bit and developing tolerance and respect for each other regardless of where in the world we are.

Compare that to 50 years ago.

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Matth79 wrote:

China … would they need a war, they buy their way into critical industries, and sell tons of cheap tech, they just have to keep going and they'll own everything.

This is what I believe the new form of "world war" is, No need to physically invade a country anymore, even for resources, how many of the mining, petrol, etc company's are owned by foreign companies anyway.
Human nature dooms us to constantly have "localised war" be it politics, religion, basically what we call ego wars here as it comes down to I'm right and your wrong, but they have been going non stop throughout time
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I'd just like to mention that many important inventions and achievements were made because of the war. There are many benefits in war regarding birth rates, economic growth and regional stability. Nothing makes a man more horny and productive than seeing his wife for the first time in ages and noticing their home was bombed to bits while he was in the front.