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I need help with my software project

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Reply 20 of 22, by tannerstevo

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Mr. horse wrote:

You guys seem to really like picking on muz for just asking questions.
Maybe the techer okd starting with preexisting code? Thats not uncommon. I was asked to do similar things in school.

I haven't looked at the code yet, but have you added transfers? Like being able to transfer funds from one account to another?

but in one of the posts they say they do not know the requirements of the assignment. So what were they doing, sleeping in class?

Reply 21 of 22, by cyclone3d

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Muz wrote:

The project is in Java, compiled it in NetBeans, with DB Browser for SQLite. It is a Bank Management System. I tried submit it to my lecturer, but she said the project do not have enough functions. What kind of functions should I add more to the project? The software could deposit, withdraw, accounts, etc.

Note: In order to install NetBeans, you need JDK installed in your computer.

If you like to run the application of the project, you can browse to my file attached here, and go through the dist folder, and open the JAR file.


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Muz: good to see that you are not a bot after all. BUT DO NOT POST OTHERS EMAIL ADDRESS OR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE!
And please don't copy/paste code. You are not learning this way!

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