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for years I avoided using Windows 10 with GMA 950 and GMA 3100 because while they install drivers automatically, performance is really low and the CPU usage of DWM.exe is really high

the driver used by GMA 950/3100 on Windows 10 are Vista drivers, WDDM 1.0; for WDDM 1.1 (windows 7) there were a lot of improvements and well, the WDDM 1.1 cards that I have (like HD4670) do perform well on Windows 10 like expected,

now I was never aware of just how bad the GMA950/3100 was on Windows 10 until now, I decided to run the display at 800x600 and play a 480P video on youtube using the chromium based edge and check CPU usage.... and... using the Intel drivers makes it worse than using the generic MS drivers! kind of amazing

basically GMA 950/Celeron 1400/windows 1809 x64
Intel driver = 32.5% CPU usage by DWM.exe; 28.2% CPU usage by Edge
Microsoft driver = 5.5% CPU usage by DWM.exe; 31.1% CPU usage by Edge

and the windows interface and usage in general is much smoother with the generic drivers...

I also tested the MS driver with the same video, at the same spot with another PC, with the Via P4M890 IGP and E2140, but running windows 1903 x86
and got
DWM.exe = 6.2%; Edge = 46.2%

I find it pretty amusing that installing the drivers specific to the device clearly "decelerates" everything, and that's the default behavior of Win10 for this IGP (installing Intel wddm1.0 drivers)

but the reason I created this topic is to ask if this very low performance is something of a bug or characteristic of GMA 950/3100 or of all GPUs with WDDM 1 drivers under windows 10? thinking of R300 based GPUs and Geforce 6/7 since they had wddm 1 drivers but not 1.1

as I said my Radeon 4670 with WDDM1.1 drivers doesn't suffer with this poor performance, and I can say the same for the Intel GMA 4500 (wddm 1.1).

it's really atrociously bad, if you Installed Win10 in a Core 2 and it was awful, maybe it was the IGP driver (if 945 or G31 based chipset, G41 is fine)...
I have a PC with GMA 3100 currently on widnows 7 with Aero off (which performs decent) because of this, but with MS dropping 7 support in 6 months I would like to run 10 on it, but would need to replace the graphics card, if let's say a 6200 (WDDM 1) performed well enough it would be a solution, but currently all the WDDM 1 GPUs that I have are AGP or these IGPs, so I can't be sure if it's not the same....

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I have to check several old laptops I have got. I haven't noticed anything fancy but I will check.

Intel i7 5960X
Gigabye GA-X99-Gaming 5
8 GB DDR4 (2100)
8 GB GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming (Gigabyte)