Looking for a headphone amplifier

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Looking for a headphone amplifier

Postby Tas » 2019-6-10 @ 14:25

Is there anyone who can recommend me a good (but affordable) headphone amplifier to connect to my Katana.
When I do some homeworking (1 or 2 days a week), or when I'm sitting at the computer at home, I usually listen to some music, but always with a headphone. At this moment my Katana is connected to a rather old Onkyo amplifier which plays pretty well, but I want to get rid of that amp. It is sitting on my desk under one of my monitors and takes a lot of space. Nothing else is connected, just the Katana.

Now, I have been looking around and I kinda fancy the S.M.S.L. T1 DAC/Headphone Amp. I'm not interested in the DAC part (well, it is nice to have) but merely in the headphone amp part. Does anyone have any experience with this one? Or some good (or bad) reviews?

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Re: Looking for a headphone amplifier

Postby Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman » 2019-6-11 @ 06:57

If you're into vintage audio, and don't need to carry your headphones amp around, then Crown D-75 makes a really nice headphones amplifier, especially if you're using high impedance headphones.

Too bad obobskivich isn't around anymore --he is definitely the one to ask when you need advices about headphones.
Never thought this thread would be that long, but now, for something different.....
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Re: Looking for a headphone amplifier

Postby spiroyster » 2019-6-11 @ 08:58

I've been using a FiiO Alpen E17 for about 9 years now and it produces wonderful sound. It's a DAC (portable, smaller than an ipod classic) and has completely removed the need for me to have a sound card. These days its with my laptop all the time when working either at home or in the office.

I use it with Wharfedale isodynamics which have 120 Ohm impedance (and are recommended to plug directly into speaker terminals due to the power they require) but it drives them absolutely fine.
The screen has burnt in, which can be avoided by switching to hold... I just never remembered to do that :blah:, but that is my only complaint (although some say the battery can drain when not used for long periods of time, but since mine is plugged into my computer, and my computer is on every day, I have not noticed this). Would recommend it anytime. Portable easy, plug n play, no sound card required, works in WinXP.

The price seems to have dropped by only 10 pounds after all these years.
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