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To end the AMD v. Intel debate.

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Scali wrote on 2019-12-30, 18:22:
Dominus wrote on 2019-12-30, 18:21:

Please use better phrases than labeling something that someone did as stupid. You find it annoying, than keep it at "annoying".

Let's discuss this in private.
'Annoying' and 'stupid' are not the same thing.

There are a lot of times I think you are both but I refrain from calling you one of the two out of courtesy.

I suggest you also try that, sometime.

If it's not beneath you, that is.

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Reply 181 of 181, by Dominus

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DOSBox Moderator

As there doesn't seem to be the will to tone it down, let's close this for now. You want to call people stupid, go outside and tell that to people's faces. This is not the place for your issues.

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