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I've got family coming for a few days and I won't be able to use my office as there will be a bed in there. We'll then be off to see other family a few days later! I'll therefore only have my 12" laptop for gaming and I was hoping to get some chill time this Christmas.

So I'm looking for a new game. My laptop can run games up to about 2006. Preferably from GOG so I can just download the exe and files and not need Steam etc (will also be easier offline).

Games I'm considering:

The Nomad Soul
Anno 1503
The Settlers... not sure which one
Empire Earth 1
Thief 2
Hitman Contracts
Splinter Cell

Currently Hitman + Anno are winning.

What other suggestions are there?

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Your 'considering' list doesn't suggest to me that you like open world RPGs but anyway - Gothic 2! Currently $3.70 in down under dollars:


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Heroes of Might & Magic III is always a good time sink. It's on for $2.49, which is well worth it IMHO. (Actually Heroes 1-5 are all on sale, but 3 is the one I've put the most play time into by far.)

If you'd rather have something more action-y, the Prince of Persia Sands of Time trilogy & POP2008 are all on for cheap. They're good fun, although defintely bring a gamepad.

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Avoid Omikron (The Nomad Soul). It's a REALLY rough game. Very buggy.

If you haven't yet, I'd recommend the Quest for Glory series on GOG. It's on sale right now, and it is a 5 game set. 1-4 are fantastic (4 is especially good), and 5 is a little rough but still charming.

They are point & click adventure/RPG titles, but they're not as unforgiving or moon-logic as the King's Quest series, and they actually have some combat sections (4 is, once again, REALLY good in this respect) and you can play multiple character classes (fighter, mage, thief) with a hidden 4th class available starting on game #3 (requires specific actions in QFG2, and will unlock at the end of the game).
You can export characters from one game to the next, so you get to keep stats/attributes and some items/money between games.

Really good stuff!