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Since 2 years, I'm the owner again of a 486DX2/66VLB. The computer is just perfect for the games I want to play. But I think the case is ugly as hell. I don't have a picture, because I ditched it a week ago.

I ordered polycarbonat to make a see-through case. I know this is Vogons, but still... is there room for sharing the making of the case here or is it blasphemy ?

In a lot of cases, once you open it, it's total chaos. The motherboard is burried beneath all sorts of cables and bulky hardware. It's my opinion that the hardware itself is absolutely worth to be seen !! That's the reason why I got rid of the ugly case and was planning to make a custom-made one with minimal cable-clutter. I would have thought that more people would want to do that, but I have yet to see those projects (or I must invest a lot more time in digging the forums).

(I know there are cavets for using polycarbonat, but the project is still a go... only been waiting 2 months now for the polycarbot to arrive due to some pandemic that happens to roam the planet...)

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Don't worry — I'm sure many will be interested to see how your project will turn out.

I fully agree — it's a major pain in the ass to build AT systems because cables are a mess, especially if you want to play around with sound cards and other expansion cards. Cable management in those systems is an art that few possessed even back in the day. I love 486, but man do I wish there were ATX Socket 3 motherboards...

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You can stay, but people like you have to stay in the corner near the corner away from the bar 😜

No not really, Plenty of people here use modern cases. Either due to better airflow, availability or like you to show off the insides.
AT cases especially are in short supply so we don't have the luxury of being purest anyway.