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Do you remember when you upgraded to dual core computers and when did you first saw the benefit in gaming ? I guess this started around 2006-2007, I was stuck with a single core processor until 2014, so I missed the party.

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leileilol wrote on 2020-08-15, 05:22:

Quake3 did have SMP support back in 1999, but that's more for dual CPUs rather (NT4 was officially supported by Q3A). Quake 4 however did have early dual-core support in an early 2006 patch...

Actually, Falcon 4.0 beat Quake 3 to it.

Never thought this thread would be that long, but now, for something different.....
Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman.

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Jan 2001 with Quake 3

2XP3-700E@933 133Mhz bus X 7 1/4
Abit VP6

Honestly though didn't enable SMP much in Q3, FPS were higher in at 800x600 and below but didn't game at low resolutions if I didn't have to.

I did see a benefit with everything on the system since it had dual processors so anything else running on the system didn't interfere while gaming even though the games were limited to a single processor which you could change the affinity for which was nice.

Played around with UT on a dual PPro 200 sometime in 2000 but AFAIK Unreal 1 didn't support SMP.

Next processor that had multiple core was in 5-18-2007 C2D E6600, even then barely any games used multiple cores. I seem to remember Supreme Commander having support. UE3 games? Farcry 1, Serious Sam 2.

You probably need to look at 2008+ for a larger list. Mabye track when the game engines started adding support, included Vista on the game box, XBOX 360 ports, etc.

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