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dogs in video games

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Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 had guard dogs

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TurboGrafx 16 has dogs in Tricky Kick.. or at least they look like dogs to me.

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imi wrote on 2020-09-05, 16:33:
leileilol wrote on 2020-09-05, 16:30:

half-life 2

I see what you did there x3

I see it too now, made me wondering for some times...

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I added megadrive/genesis "haunting starring polterguy" since the more difficult level the family own a dog and are less afraid of ghost. The devs nailed it!

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I'm certainly not a dog, but was called so by our stupid and ignorant neighbour on more than one occasion. If you feel like counting Raquel's opinion, and I sure wouldn't, here's a few more starring yours truly:

Add & Subtract With ALF (1988) - IBM, APPLE
ALF - The First Adventure (1987) - Commodore 64, Apple II, IBM, Atari ST
ALF (1989) - Sega Master System
ALF's U.S. Geography (1988) - IBM, APPLE
ALF's Thinking Skills (1988) - IBM, APPLE
ALF's World of Words (1988) - IBM, APPLE
ALF's Party Kit (1988) - IBM
ALF: The Defender of Earth (2000) - Windows

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Ugly alien mutant things don't count. Otherwise we would have to include Quake II with it's weird alien/dog tongue monsters.

And what about all the games with werewolves, like Knight Lore. Let's keep this focused on real actual dogs.

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Ultima 6 had Kador:

Ultima 7 Pt 2 had The Hound of Doskar:

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