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Today I tried building a basic XP PC for a few games I wanted to play: Rise of Nations, Halo, Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter (no idea what this is yet), Empire Earth 2....

I wanted something compact. My usual go-to M-ATX 775 and E8500 combo sadly has died (this is the very first "retro" motherboard I bought, so F in chat for this board). I then went for an AM2 Athlon II x3 board but this was really quite loud and hot and has a weird intermittent USB issue, so that build was canned to. Then I moved onto a Socket 939 Athlon 3200+ which was going fine (and nice and quiet using the same modern cooler as the AM2 system, weirdly) but had a very not intermittent USB problem where no usb ports or front panel usb ports would work once I installed various chipset drivers. Both AMD boards with USB issues used Nvidia chipsets coincidentally...

Anyway I considered my Pentium 4 build but couldn't get up the enthusiasm to do a fully IDE build and threw a big sulk and I haven't played anything at all this evening...


I realised I have quite a mix of AMD and Intel boards (plus 1 fully VIA board).

386SX 40
Socket 939
Ryzen 2600X
Main PC (3700X)

Slot 1
Socket 478
Socket 775 x2
1156 with an i7 860
1155 with some kind of i3

Does your collection tend to be more intel or AMD based?

Ryzen 3700X | 16GB 3600MHz RAM | Nvidia GeForce 1070ti | 1Tb NVME SSD | Windows 10
Athlon 3200+ @ 3800+ (Venice) | Some Ram | Nvidia GeForce GTX645 / 7950GT
Slot 1 896MHz | 384Mb 112MHz RAM | Nvidia GeForce 3 ti200 | AWE32

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Via C3
AMD Athlon XP
Intel P4
Intel Core2Duo
Intel i7 4790k (modern PC)

So for retro PCs is 2xAMD, 2xIntel, 1xVia, but overall Intel wins. My large (unused) CPU collection is probably pretty evenly split as well.

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Almoststew1990 wrote on 2020-09-08, 21:10:

Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter (no idea what this is yet)

A bit sad how underappreciated this game is as I quite liked it, wel at least more than Halo which is from the same period but I found Halo to be boring.
It also has an amazingly good soundtrack. Gameplaywise Mace Griffin is fun but nothing special, the seamless transition from FPS to spacesimulator however is nice though.

I have one unused AMD rig with a 4 core Phenom and 2x in crossfire Radeon HD 6770, maybe I repurpose it to a WinXP machine someday but in all honesty I find liitle use for an XP machine appart from getting some Starforce DRM'ed games to work. Maybe one day I might scavenge a Soundblaster card so I can have me some proper EAX. This PC was my daily driver until 8 years ago when I got my current daily driver.

Further more I have a spare PC that has an AMD FX8350 and a Radeon RX 570 4gb. I don't use it much, mostly during cold winterdays when my livingroom gets too cold to live in.
This PC was more or less in parts thrown in my lap when I was shopping for a powersupply when the one from the Phenom went bad. I got it with a motherboard a Athlon cpu (which I upgraded to the FX8350) and another Radeon HD 6770 (hence the crossfire). The motherboard was damaged as it doesn't give accurate cpu temps, ram can be unstable if not configured correctly and I can overclock the cpu only a tiny bit before it doesn't boot anymore. But it runs fine when it's just left alone.

My current PC, for the last 8 years or so is an Intel i7 4770K with a Radeon RX 580 4gb. The gpu's are more recent but I didn't buy them new, the RX 570 is an ex miner for example. The previous gpu that went in this machine was a GTX 770 2gb. The RX 580 isn't that much faster in my mind but it does use less power.

So all in all I guess I lean more toward AMD but to be honest when looking for parts I just look at what seems to be the best I can get for the money. For videocards I slightly lean toward Nvidia, as for cpu's I couldn't care less though when I used the Phenom I wished I had a good Intel instead as it underperformed in certain games. But now it seems AMD is on top of the cpu hill again.

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My collection is roughly 50/50 Intel to AMD. The focus of my builds has typically been "best bang for the buck." At least for mainboards and processor. When I had extra "dispensable" income, I would sometimes splurge on a higher end video card. Usually as an upgrade prior to the next build. I might even chronicle my PC journey at some point, but that is a topic for another post and day.

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Most of my computers historically have been cast-off office machines, so almost entirely Intel. I have only three computers with AMD CPUs, and one of those is a 8088.

“Your mission is to attack and destroy the Apple Computer manufacturing plant. You are allotted 35 bombs and 60 lasers."

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My collection is a pretty fair mix, ‘modern’ systems seem a little Intel weighted but only because I got the retro bug and haven’t rebuilt since 2014. My 5960x is still doing a decent job in the newer games I play.

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a lightweight Linux distro (tinycore) which boots off a usb flash drive and goes straight to DOSBox.

Make your dos retrogaming experience portable!

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I'm not a fan boy (need the competition to keep everyone honest) but I've definitely got a Intel/Nvidia bias, not helped by also having a lot of office cast off's. I haven't purchased a new PC sine 98!
Out of the 13 PC's I have currently setup. I only have the 5x86 and Slot A representing AMD with no real plans of getting more.

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Strangely i have some AMD 486DX2/66 3volt clones. And few Cyrix 486 cpus in a box, but everything else is mainly Pentium MMX and Pentium 3. I have some non MMX pentiums and Pentium 2-s. But i can allways unerclock and throttle. And have lower voltages and wattages.

I am aroused about any X86 motherboard that has full functional ISA slot. I think i have problem. Not really into that original (Turbo) XT,286,386 and CGA/EGA stuff. So just a DOS nut.