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Hi all,

Due to popular demand, I was asked if I could keep the 'Top 10' DOS Games series going. The idea was to do the top 10 games of the first decade of the PC ('81-'91). I finished them off a few weeks ago. I'm pressing the pause button on any more for now to concentrate on other videos, however I thought it would be nice to make a summary video. So for your viewing pleasure, here's an overview of the best games from that first decade. It also diarises how the PC platform grew up over the years, which was really interesting to see it begin to become the dominant force from shaky beginnings.

Check it out!

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I think some picks are really wrong. For me:

1984: Elite
1987: Dungeon Master
1988: Ultima V (SimCity is not even a 1988 game IIRC)
1989: Populous (Why did you show this off as a 1988 game?)
1991: Civilization

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alsgeeklab wrote on 2020-10-28, 18:15:

How long have you been a YouTuber? How do you grow that many (for me 🤣) subscribers?

My thoughts:

1991 - Utopia - the building of a nation (I believe it is an Amiga port)
1991 - Star Control
1990 - Stunts
1987 - Leisure Suit Larry
1988- Star Wars (the vector based game for DOS)
1989 - Street Rod (Street Rod 2 - 1990)
1985 - Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego
1985 - Oregon Trail (ported to PC in 1990)
1986 - Tetris

I didn't generally play anything older than that.

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1987: Sid Meier's Pirates!
1989: Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero?
1990: Flight of the Intruder
1991: Falcon 3.0
1991: Gunship 2000
1991: Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

Never thought this thread would be that long, but now, for something different.....
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My Top Picks would be....

1981 - Microsoft Adventure
1982 - Paratrooper
1983 - Spy Hunter
1983 - Microsoft Flight SImulator
1984 - Ultima V: Quest of the Avatar
1984 - DepthCharge (Henry J. Kottler)
1984 - King's Quest I
1985 - Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
1985 - Thedexter
1986 - Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
1987 - Maniac Mansion
1988 - Tank Wars (Kenneth B. Morse)
1988 - Duke Nukem
1989 - The Secret of Monkey Island
1989 - Wolfenstein 3D
1989 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0
1990 - Ultima V: The False Prophet
1990 - Test Drive III
1991 - Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
1991 - Car & Driver

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Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman wrote on 2020-10-30, 16:20:

1991: Gunship 2000

I recently got a 386 locally with that game on it! I forgot how good it is. Concurr-ed.

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Indianapolis 500 the simulation
Oregon Trail
Wolfenstein 3d

i had a whole suite of games of tv shows c.1987-88
wheel of fortune
family feud
a few i probably forgot

where in the world is carmen sandiego

all of these i used to play on my tandy 1000SL/8086.

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Al I really like your video's, but if you do another Digger review in the future, please use a proper version. It is supposed to look like this: (instead of the constant yellow)

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