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Early on into the whole 'Pandemic Lockdown' thing I realized that the first six seasons of Electric Playground had been officially uploaded to YouTube by what is now branded as 'Electric Playground Network'. It was good watching, particularly to see classic games looked at from a 'then' perspective rather than the retrospective of contemporary YouTube content. I then moved on to G4TechTV's 'Icons' and then pulled every episode of The Computer Chronicles off of Archive.org which I'm currently going through casually.

So I'm looking for suggestions on other 'vintage' shows that are available in one form or another today, be it on YouTube, DVD, Archive.org or 'The Usual Places' if you know what I mean. I'm not asking for download links or anything, just suggestions of show names that are available in some form or another today and not unobtainable 'Dead Media' that only exists in the buried archives of broadcasters HQ basement. Just names is fine so long as it's available 'somewhere'.

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For newer stuff, anything on Revision3, such as Hak5. Here's a good list of stuff on there: https://anarchivism.org/w/Save_Rev3

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