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In my long years of using PC's i haven't tried to burn an actual CD image to DVD media before. I came to this while trying to solve some issues with running TR1 on Win98SE via virtual drive.
To make it short game FPS drops severelly while ambient sound (CD track) is playing and becomes a slide show or even freezes for several min all this when ISO is mounted via Deamon Tool. After playing with IRQ/DMA sound card settings, swaping it around different PCI slots and even using different sound cards i came to conclusion tha it's most likely Deamon problem trying to read game and subtrack data. I now use Virtual Clone drive and while there's still no ambient sounds (Action and FMV sounds are OK) ther's no FPS drop and game is runing at steady 30FPS (3dfx).
Since ambient sound is half of TR1 charms i would realy like to get them back so i decided to to run the game of CD or rather a DVD media as i have heaps of of them as i think this would fix the problem with lacking ambient sound. But here's a catch i tried Alcohol and ultraISO to burn CD ISO to DVD media and and both gave me "Can not burn CD image to DVD" error. Doas eny of you know a way to solve this? I know buying CD-R should be easyest fix but since i have several dozens of blank DVD's to be used why not try to solve CD ISO to DVD burrning usses first.