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Hello, everyone!

We at Super Fighter Team are pretty jazzed to reveal our latest passion project to the world: Sango Fighter Special Edition. 😁

Official website and Direct download

You know Sango Fighter, don'cha? Published in 1993 by Panda Entertainment, it was one of the first fighting games to truly make a big splash on MS-DOS based PCs. It certainly left an impression on me, to the point where I acquired the rights to it in 2009 [!].

Now here we are in 2021, and what do we have to show for it? Well... quite a lot, actually.

Our new edition of the game features:

· All of your favorite generals, + that pesky li'l soldier!
· MS-DOS and Super A'can versions of each general, with some BIG differences between 'em!
· A high energy remix of the soundtrack, with add'l tracks.
· Improved, rebalanced fight system.
· We even brought in a Taiwanese voice actor to serve as the fight announcer!
· Oh! And support for 3 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese. Neat!!

So if you've always loved the MS-DOS version of Sango Fighter but it left you wanting more, and / or if you're intrigued by the hobbled Super A'can version but don't want to waste hundreds of dollars to buy it... then I think you'll be fairly pleased with what we've accomplished here. 😉

Ah... but wait! I know what some of you purists might be thinking:

"Bah! What's with all these newfangled 'features?' The original game is fine just the way it is!!" or "What the hell is a Super A'can?!!"

And that's fine, 'cuz we planned ahead for that: In addition to the new & improved "Enhanced" mode, Sango Fighter Special Edition features a "Classic" mode, which ONLY uses content from the MS-DOS version, including 100% hardware accurate recordings of the Ad Lib (YM3812) soundtrack! W0w!

Truly there is something for everyone. It's a Christmas miracle. So! Please try out the game. Share it with your friends. And feel welcome to share your feedback with all of us.

Thanks! Enjoy!! And best wishes for 2022.

sango01win.gif sango02win.gif

sango03win.gif sango04win.gif

sango05win.gif sango06win.gif

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thankd for sharing this DeathAdderSF !
I remember seeing a magazine review for Sango Fighter back in the day but I am not really a beat'em'up person 😀

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Good stuff.

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Of course, as always, I'm open to correction...😉

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We've since released an updated version with a few bug fixes. Same download link as in the first post.

Also! Fighter biographies w/complete special & super move lists are available on our website. Each one includes cool new pixel artwork of the fighters, based on the hand-drawn artwork from the original instruction manual. Here's a neat example...


Cruise by Diskman Presents: filled with geektastic classic gaming goodness!