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Buyer Beware; I kept an eye on the previous listing of this "too good to be true" lot, and here it is again; but with a "new" seller; same lot, same pictures.


The previous seller ID was NICEGOO-55.

Don't get scammed.

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Peter.Mengel wrote on 2022-08-09, 00:20:

Can you get scammen when buying via Paypal?

Putting aside the encouragement of more crooks duping people (or eBay) out of their money who didn't take every last precaution:

Money-wise; If you take the risk, eBay, PayPal, and lastly your credit card may save you. Time and aggravation-wise, that's gone forever.

I don't know why someone would want to put their head into the Lion's mouth, though; one never knows if this is the day it snaps shut. To each their own!

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Auction has ended, so that is likely the end of it .

TBH, somebody who

a) advertises item x and has photos of 3 different an unrelated items, but only one of item x
b) uses item photos that are screenshots from a phone, rather than the original photos
c) has zero feedback

is about as enticing to me as buying a house from a drunk/stoned and smelly dude operating out of a van in a parking lot .

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Anatomy of a scam: Someone who just joined and has a listing with zero feedback. Yes, you are protected if you use CC/PayPal but bear in mind it may take a while before your CC/Paypal account is credited the amount lost on a bogus listing.

I buy from Ebay all the time, never got scammed buying new/used. I not only look at reviews but when they joined. I buy in confidence from longtime Ebay members (8 + years) and read the full listings to make sure they accept returns on big ticket items. The best way to prevent getting scammed is to buy only from "Top Rated Plus" members. You are guaranteed returns within 30 days from Ebay. Yes, items are more expensive but when paying $700 like in that bogus listing you'd be a fool not to. I purchased a Playstation 5 from a Top Rated Plus member March 2021 despite there being lots of scams for one. I paid over $200 more than other non-T.P.R. listings but I actually recieved a new Playstation 5 console, not a box of bricks.

There's always a risk with non-T.P.R. sellers but depending on the item/price I'll take the risk. LED Flashlight, used Bluetooth speaker or anything under $200 I'll take the risk providing the seller is longtime member and accepts returns. I've purchased a few used Laptops this way as well. I also like sellers that respond to questions within 24 hours using Ebay's messaging system. Those that ignore my queries don't get my money.

I completely avoid sellers who just joined - those are mostly likely fencing stolen property. That original listing for a $700 vintage video card? You gotta be kidding me. Even if that's the market value they better accept returns/refunds at that price level.

P.S., I don't do auctions, don't have the time or patience, with me it's "Buy it Now" or nothing.