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Hi all,

please, I am wondering, if there exist some DOS TSR program, that can emulate the intelligent MPU 401 mode on some MPU 401 only UART compatible device.
I have just the MPU 401 UART mode compatible device, so no program that uses the 401 intelligent mode works 🙁.

I am talking about real vintage hardware (Not an emulation like DOSBOX) and DOS environment.

I have found, that there is a patch for old Sierra games, which seem to emulate the intelligent MPU 401 mode on SoundBlaster MIDI port (220,240,260 or so ports).
In my case, I need something similar, but for UART MPU-401 device (not for SB MIDI port).

Thanks a lot for any help. 😀

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SoftMPU 1.0 has been released and now supports more 'intelligent mode' games (e.g. Gateway, Laser Squad).

Fixed link here: *START HERE* SoftMPU 1.91 - Software Intelligent MPU-401 Emulator