NHL Hockey 95 music woes with the MT-32?

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NHL Hockey 95 music woes with the MT-32?

Postby bjwil1991 » 2014-4-06 @ 19:07

Hello everyone:

On my old DOS PC, I'm trying to play NHL Hockey 95 with my Sound Blaster Vibra 16xv ISA Sound Card, and the notes are hanging. I read somewhere that if the DSP version is at 4.05 or below, there is no bug.

The DSP version on my card is 4.16 Is that bad?

I might as well buy a Sound Blaster AWE64...

Edit: in Windows 3.11, the music works, but in pure DOS, it still glitchy.

Running MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 on my old PC.
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Re: NHL Hockey 95 music woes with the MT-32?

Postby jesolo » 2014-6-24 @ 19:11

If I'm not mistaken, then this game does not actually support the MT-32.
It was released back in late 1994 on CD which either lets me think that it utilised General MIDI for music or even CD Audio.
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