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Hello people!

Im a question ,

" The optional /OUTPUT:SBMIDI switch forces Sound Blaster MIDI to be used. This mode is intended for use with the Sound Blaster Pro 2 and other sound cards without a hardware MPU-401 interface. Game compatibility may be reduced. "

in that sense decreases compatibility games in a sound blaster pro 2, I want to buy an MT 32 and I want to try the games, but I wanted to know that limitation will have, thanks!.

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Refer to this link for a list of supported games and which games will be impacted if you use the /OUTPUT:SBMIDI switch: https://github.com/bjt42/softmpu/wiki
Essentially, any Intelligent Mode game, that requires MPU interrupts, won't work with this setting.
If you do want to play any of these games, then I suggest you rather obtain a sound card which does have a UART MPU-401 MIDI interface (there are plenty Sound Blaster Pro II clones that does have a UART MIDI interface).

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Any game that runs with an DOS memory extender won't work, so you're limited to real mode games.

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