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Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

Postby AngryLittleAlchemist » 2018-7-13 @ 20:56

I somehow ended up going down a rabbit hole of supposed fixes to the "bad image error"(or at least that's what I think it's called?). I got recommended messing with Windows 10 updates because apparently a lot of the forced ones ruin compatibility with certain software so I had to go and stop delete the updates and then stop Microsoft from automatically downloading them, didn't work. Somehow that led to a Bios update being a possible fix, which I was skeptical of, and while that was easy to do it took me 10 minutes to realize that the BIOS wouldn't recognize my keyboard because it was in the USB 3.0 slot instead of the USB 2.0 slot. That didn't work either.

I downloaded the microsoft debug tool from the debug layer thread and I don't think that did anything (although honestly I'm pretty sure I didn't use it correctly). If there's one thing I've learned from all this it's that I'm in no way a computer expert ...

edit: Sorry, I know that i'm not being very helpful, no one here probably knows the answer, just thought i'd log it to be sure, and also to vent :happy: :lol:

edit 2: I just tried scanning the DLL file, scanning windows files. Spent a bunch of time making commands that would unregister and re-register dlls, none of it worked. :angry:
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Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

Postby AngryLittleAlchemist » 2018-7-15 @ 21:51

Oh my god! I got it to work!

All of these insane, complex fixes I attempted and I didn't even try the easiest fix of all ... downloading an older version of DgVoodoo! For me, the latest version of DgVoodoo does not work, but the last version, DgVoodoo 2.55.1 works! The funny thing is, I was at my wits end and the only reason I figured this out was by contacting some random user on a subreddit thread that was already months old. Haha!

Thanks for everyones help on this board - and hopefully if you have the same problem - installing the last version works!
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Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

Postby diagonally » 2019-5-20 @ 17:44

Game: Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
dgVoodoo version: 2.55.4
dgVoodoo settings: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Tom_Clanc ... modern_PCs

Issue: The game (menus and actual gameplay) appears to be significantly dimmed. This is fixed by entering and exiting the options menu on the initial screen, at which point the proper brightness is restored.
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Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

Postby ed_barber » 2019-8-11 @ 18:53

In the CIA HQ and Oil Refinery missions, there is bug appearing in dgVoodoo 2.61 where some textures appear to be black. See images below.


Oil Refinery 2

Oil Refinery 1
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Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

Postby Dege » 2019-8-13 @ 17:32

Indeed, thanks. Fixed.
It was wrong with 2.6 too.
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Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

Postby lowenz » 2019-8-14 @ 12:46

When you release the next WIP we are already ready to test it :D
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