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Postby daniel_u » 2018-5-11 @ 12:38

Dege wrote:
daniel_u wrote:
Dege wrote:Questions:
How much DgVooDoo wrapper emulate a real GF4? I'm thinking that the game might look at some other things. Example : Device Id , Device name, device properties & capabilities etc.
Another way is to debug the game in a real enviroment. Windows Xp+GF4 Ti +driver.

Out of curiosity what exactly do you debug? Is it a live debug or an (assembler) dump. Shaders or other stuff?

I might run it for you on my old machine. Who knows what might pop up.

Emulation of GF4 is of course not chip-level. dgVoodoo exposes device caps, texture formats, device ID, etc. specific to GF4 and also simulates some chip-specific behavior like sampling depth-textures.
As for debugging, it's live. I can visually debug Draw-calls step by step for frames and see the current corresponding internal state of D3D.
Unfortunately it cannot be done with native DX because visual debugging needs dgVoodoo itself.

Shiny floor is because the game sets up the pixel pipeline with a config producing shiny floor. Old GF4 (driver or chip?) misinterpreted the config so the bug didn't get revealed back then.

Thank you for the answer. That explains it.
In theory what a dev must/might do to fix this ? I'm asking this for future devs that might pick this up. :D
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Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

Postby Dege » 2018-5-15 @ 06:49

I think one should figure out how (in what bad way) the contemporary GF driver interpreted the pipeline set for shiny floor. And if it's done then modify the game code to the correct general one, if possible at all.
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