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Re: WIP versions

Postby Firtasik » 2018-8-09 @ 17:13

valterb wrote:I just switched from a GTX 970 to a Vega 64 and dgVoodoo2 versions 2.55 to 2.55.2 have crazy textures in MechWarrior 4 Vengeance and Mercenaries both. dgVoodoo2 v2.54 and below do not have this issue, but WIP48 does. I never had this issue with the GTX 970.

I'm using Radeon software v18.6.1 and Windows 10 version 1803

Those broken textures can be fixed with "Fast video memory access". In some games at least. For instance, in Test Drive 6 it doesn't fix everything (tested with Vega 8). I don't know about MechWarrior 4.
There's something wrong with the Vega and dgV2 2.55.
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Re: WIP versions [ GTR Fia Racing / gMotor2 engine ]

Postby batterymandark » 2018-8-13 @ 22:00

a very short post, but GTR Fia Racing using gMotor2 engine, have issues with cockpit not showing proper textures , "every thing is super dark and black"
Also the lotus car have jumbled up speed'O'meter textures.

i can't run the game native since it can't detect video memory so i have to run it with dgvoodoo.
so here is a video from the web, how it should look like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWSsCzPtJxE

i will send you a message for the rest.
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Re: WIP versions

Postby JangoJungle » 2018-8-18 @ 05:42

Hi, I'm back to give a some feedback about Resident Evil 2 Source Next Edition (Jap). I have been testing the latest 2.55.3 and now I can say that the CGI video playback for this game is now PERFECTLY reproduceble. Thanks for you enforts man, this is a sweet piece of software you are making there. I have noticed progress in Pandemoniun too! It now play in normal speed, the past builds did would changed speed factor randomly.
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Re: WIP versions

Postby lowenz » 2018-8-18 @ 17:10

Dege, maybe you-re interested (D3D10->D3D11 Translation Layer)

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