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Postby Dege » 2017-1-19 @ 21:12

I decided to separate reported games from the dgVoodoo2 megathread.
Let's begin with Onimusha:

Myloch wrote:
stranno wrote:
Myloch wrote:Onimusha 1 pc crashes when trying to run it with dgvoodoo2 (vanilla or patched 1.2)

The japanese version works for me in Windows 7 (patch 1.02) but it have lots of rendering errors. Main character and enemies are partially invisible. Without any wrapper it works fine. I have to try the english version.

Oddly enough, it doesn't crash anymore (maybe because I reset amd settings to default), however this is what happens now:

You might wonder why I'm trying to use dgvoodoo2 on a game like this...well...because it's blurred like hell! Backgrounds are bitmap prerendered images, most probably @640x480 or lower, but this games adds a lot of blur to everything for some reason, I'm pretty sure there's a way to make it a bit more crisp.

I was fiddling with it a bit, and realized that this game has a special (pixel based stenciling) rendering technique, seeming to be closely tied to 640x480.
Forcing a higher resolution or antialiasing makes the visuals corrupt.
For example, when forcing the game into 800x600 without AA, pixels of the 3D-rendered objects are getting slipped from each other.


ISF resolutions (integer scaled) without AA seem to be fine. It runs fine for me at 1280x960, without AA.
If AA is forced then (scaled) pixels don't get rendered at their full size (pixel center problem) so the process of resolving the AA buffer makes them blurred, each of them is washed together with its neighbors, resulting in transparent(!!) 3D objects. :blah:

The game also turns the final rendered frame image into a more blurred one on purpose (to blunt the otherwise pixelated results, I guess).
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Re: Onimusha

Postby Myloch » 2017-3-31 @ 18:29

Peixoto made a nice multi-game patch and he managed to boost Hd resolutions in Onimusha

There: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=53121
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