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SteveC wrote:

Interestingly I'm trying to get the G400 tech demo working on an actual G400 and it used to work (Windows XP) but since changing around graphics cards (had a Parhelia and some NVidia 8400GS card in the PC since the G400) it just goes black screen, you get 1/2 second of sound then dumps you back to the desktop. There's a 'matrox.txt' file that's created and that says it 'can't load video texture'. I've tried the patched exe Dege posted but that made no difference. Argh I guess I'll have to reinstall a clean Windows XP and try again...

Yeah, I'd also like to get it running again.

Addomg "i_promise_i_will_go_buy_a_matrox_g400" at the end of matrox.cfg is supposed to get it running on non-Matrox hardware, but on modern hardware I don't think that alone get's it running anymore, nor can the installer be run.

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Try the attached .sdb compatibility file. It contains FaultTolerantHeap and WinXPSp2 fixes, but as CoolGamer said in an earlier post, EmulateHeap may also be needed. And single thread affinity.
With this sdb installed I got it working with dgVoodoo on Win10. Well, more or less: I cannot guarantee it will work for you, the reason of the crash is very misterious.

You can modify the sdb (adding new compatibility options) with Compatibility Administrator 32 bit.
I'm not sure if this application is part of the OS by default or should be installed additionally.


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I am actually trying on a G400 in Windows XP SP3 on old hardware (Athlon 1900XP). Using that sdb file didn't help. HOWEVER I have got it to run! I had to set the render depth to 16 bit (render_depth 0) in the config file. No idea why though as this is the original G400 32MB I've had for about 20 years from when I used to beta test for Matrox 😀

I'm just wondering if it SP3 that's breaking it as I do remember upgrading this old HDD at some point from SP2 when messing around. I only have the SP3 ISO now though and not sure I can be bothered going through XP setup again now it works (albeit in 16bit colour).

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rthdribl (DirectX 9 Tech Demo) by Masaki Kawase
"rthdribl" is an acronym for "Real-time High Dynamic Range Image-Based Lighting".

This demo requires Vertex Shader 2.0 and Pixel Shader 2.0. It works fine natively but it crashes via dgVoodoo WIP53.
This is the only DX9 PS 2.0 tech demo that I could find. This demo is packed with a lot of features so fixing dgVoodoo to work with it should improve overall DX9 compatibility.

Informational websites are listed below. Original website does not render properly so it needs to be accessed via archive.org
https://web.archive.org/web/20100730194820/ht … ribl/index.html

Download Link for the latest version:

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I found some more DX9 tech demos/benchmarks. I could NOT get dgVoodoo WIP53 to work with any of the DX9 tech demos and benchmarks listed below.

I couldn't find information regarding pixel shader requirements of these demos. Nvidia and Unigine demos might be PS 3.0 or PS 2.0.
ATI demos are probably PS 2.0 or below. Some of the ATI demos also had issues when I tried to run them natively.

Download links are below.

GeoForms (DX9) Nvidia

Unigine Heaven (DX9/DX10/DX11/OpenGL) I tested DX9 mode

Unigine Tropics (DX9/DX10/DX11/OpenGL) I tested DX9 mode

Unigine Sanctuary (DX9/DX10/DX11/OpenGL) I tested DX9 mode

ATI DX9 Demos
https://gpuopen.com/archive/gpu-demos/legacy- … e-legacy-demos/

Animusic (DX9, Radeon 9700)
http://www2.ati.com/misc/demos/ATI-9700-PipeD … m-Demo-v1.1.exe

Car (DX9, Radeon 9700)
http://www2.ati.com/misc/demos/ATI-9700-CarPa … t-Demo-v1.1.exe

Bear (DX9, Radeon 9700)

Rendering With Natural Light (DX9, Radeon 9700)
http://www2.ati.com/misc/demos/ATI-9700-Debev … L-Demo-v1.1.exe

Non Photorealistic Rendering (DX9, Radeon 9700)
http://www2.ati.com/misc/demos/ATI-9700-NPRHa … g-Demo-v1.1.exe

Chimp Demo (DX9, Radeon 9800)

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Thx for the those demos!

nVidia ones seem to be SM3.x and also, Unigine needs at least multiple render targets (but don't know what SM).
I won't 'fix' them, because SM3 + multiple rts + instanced drawing + displacement mapping and such would be the next (final) level to support. (well, I'm hesitating on multiple rts, I don't know how to classify it, should I implement or not)

The rthdribl tech demo needs float textures which is implemented now and it works. Thx to other bugfixes all but one (or 2?) ATI tech demo are working now.

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Dege, thanks for looking into the demos that I posted. Please try to implement full support for Directx 9.0c eventually (including PS 3.0 and multiple RTS). I know that this will not happen by next WIP and will take time, but the end product will be awesome.

For motivational purposes, I found the Matrox Parhelia Reef demo equivalent of the DX9c PS 3.0 demos. 😀 It is the ToyShop demo from ATI. It is truly a gorgeous demo. Apparently this demo uses a backbuffer (1010101 backbuffer) that is not supported by nVidia cards, and gives an error message on my pc. As the nVidia card owners, "you are our only hope" for this demo. 😀 Note the Star Wars pun. 😀

https://gpuopen.com/archive/gpu-demos/legacy- … e-legacy-demos/

ToyShop (DX9c, Radeon X1800)
http://developer.amd.com/wordpress/media/2012 … ionFestival.pdf

The other DX9c PS 3.0 demos from ATI are listed below.

The Assassin (DX9c, Radeon X1800)
Note: This one does not work on nVidia either. Requires 1010101 backbuffer.
https://drivers.amd.com/misc/demos/ATI-Demo-T … sassin-v1.0.exe

Ruby: Dangerous Curves (DX9c, Radeon X850)
https://drivers.amd.com/misc/demos/ati-demo-d … curves-v1.3.exe

Crowd (DX9c, Radeon X800)

Ruby: The DoubleCross (DX9c, Radeon X800)
https://drivers.amd.com/misc/demos/ATI-Demo-D … eCross-v1.4.exe

Subsurface Scattering (DX9c, Radeon X800)
https://drivers.amd.com/misc/demos/ATI-Demo-S … tering-v1.4.exe

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ATI always had the better Techdemos!

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Came across this in another thread, dunno if they've been mentioned yet, Dege:
Obscure T&L Benchmarks

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ATI tech demos you mentioned should more or less work with WIP57.
Toyshop and Assasin indeed require A2R10G10B10 display format which is supported now. But they also requires nonstandard DF16 depth buffer format which I didn't implement completely so there are no shadows in Assasin. Toyshop has known rendering errors with parallax mapping and water-on-glass (through WIP57).
Other demos should work however.