Combofix and dgVoodoo.

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Combofix and dgVoodoo.

Postby liqmat » 2017-3-23 @ 21:44

Had to run Combofix recently for another sticky rootkit issue and noticed Combofix deletes the dgVoodoo roaming profile folder and files. Any reason for this or any ideas why Combofix sees this as a threat? Probably a false positive, but none of my other scanning software has issue with it. Thanks.
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Re: Combofix and dgVoodoo.

Postby Dege » 2017-3-27 @ 20:23

liqmat wrote:Combofix deletes the dgVoodoo roaming profile folder

I don't have any idea why it does that.

However as for the dgVoodoo files, some AV's detect them as a threat. Recently I experimented with them on and 2-3 of the AV's detect the CPL app as a threat even when it's not compressed. :dead:
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