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Re: dgVoodoo with Final Fantasy XI

Postby Sacriel » 2017-8-10 @ 19:56

Wow this is incredible, I've been dealing with fps issues on FFXI on my laptop for years and now it's smooth as butter! Question though, I noticed that grass is not rendering until you're with several feet of it, as well as NPCs such as monsters appear grayed out at a distance and slowly fade back to normal color once you approach. Any ideas? I'm going to try tweaking some settings in dogVoodoo2.
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Re: dgVoodoo with Final Fantasy XI

Postby palladin9479 » 2017-8-15 @ 12:39

It's likely your drawdistance or mipmapping. FFXI has a setting for drawdistance and clipping plane, check in one of the MISC settings inside FFXI.
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Re: dgVoodoo with Final Fantasy XI

Postby eeach » 2017-8-30 @ 20:10

Thank you, Dege! :-)
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