(Minor issue) Kirikiri2 games not working in fullscreen with dgVoodoo

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(Minor issue) Kirikiri2 games not working in fullscreen with dgVoodoo

Postby VDZ » 2017-5-15 @ 22:50

This is a minor issue as all Kirikiri2 games remain perfectly playable on modern systems even on Win10 (and if they aren't, it's not a krkr2 issue).

Kirikiri2 was (is?) a hugely popular visual novel engine used in tons of commercial Japanese VNs and a good amount of Japanese indie VNs. (I don't know how popular it is with Japanese companies these days, but for indies it was at least still in use as of August 2015 (Miniature Garden; English-language Steam release March 2017).) As I was having blurry graphics on my tablet (likely due to the unusual resolution) I decided to try using dgVoodoo with it (as Kirikiri2 uses DirectDraw), but I've noticed that both on Win7 and Win10, I get nothing but a black screen as long as the game is in fullscreen. Sound still works and it seems to accept input (you get sounds for hovering over buttons) but the screen is completely black until you switch back to windowed. (The watermark displays properly in windowed mode.)

Games I've tested and confirmed it with:
- Miniature Garden
- Kara no Shoujo (MangaGamer version; original version has different engine)
- Noble Works (strangely enough, it just draws a window-size black box instead of making the entire screen black)
- Dead End Junction demo
- Swan Song

Strangely enough, I don't get the issue for the original Japanese 'My Girlfriend is the President' demo...unless it is started in fullscreen. But even then, switching to windowed and back fixes it. (I also tried starting Noble Works using the MGitP executable, but somehow when doing that I don't get any watermark and according to x32dbg ddraw.dll isn't loaded in the process (whereas usually it is); it might be using some fallback renderer as the game seems to work fine, but I'm not sure what triggered the fallback. Probably not caused by dgVoodoo.)

I've uploaded the demos for KnS and MGitP:
Kara no Shoujo: http://vdzserver.org/misc/TR79.zip
My Girlfriend is the President: http://vdzserver.org/misc/osana_tri.exe (might only work on Japanese locale)
(For both games, be aware they may not be entirely SFW. You won't see any NSFW content until further in the games but there is an age warning.)
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