Delta Force Land Warrior - resolution forcing breaks mouse sensitivity

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Delta Force Land Warrior - resolution forcing breaks mouse sensitivity

Postby Gagster » 2017-9-23 @ 16:08

Let me start by saying that dgVoodoo2 has to be one of the best tools when it comes to PC game-preservation on newer PCs. I'm using dgVoodoo2 on many of my older Windows 95/98-games, some of them which I have had installed on my various PCs for more than a decade.

I have followed the main thread about dgVoodoo2 for quite some time now, and I just recently discovered that dgVoodoo got a well-deserved sub-forum here at Vogons.

Well, on to the topic. I have this game from the early 2000 called Delta Force Land Warrior. I believe it is the third entry in the Delta Force series, and not uncommon for that time the game only have a limited selection of resolutions to choose from. The highest one at 1024x768 is kind of low by today's standards, so this is when this wrapper comes in handy. I'm finally able to surpass this max resolution by using resolution-forcing in dgVoodoo2, but somehow the mouse sensitivity gets broken while doing so. The mouse sensitivity becomes way slower while aiming downwards or to the right, than while aiming upwards or to the left. That does not happen while disabling resolution-forcing in dgVoodoo2, so the question is if it happens because of limitations of the actual game-engine, or if it's because of a bug in dgVoodoo2 while using resolution-forcing in this game?
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