dgvoodoo2's bugs feat. obscure games

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dgvoodoo2's bugs feat. obscure games

Postby Myloch » 2017-11-30 @ 17:06

Here I'll list bugs I find in the games I own and play, since I'm a weirdo collector, most of them are shit from far east countries. Since most of you totally ignore and don't care about these games and they are not widespread, I decided to not open a topic for every title and created this niche. Pm me for any info or help.

Bear hero: glitch with energy bar (garbage + energy not visualized).
Link to video showing the bug.

Rockman 123 (taiwan): color palette is more vivid compared to the game without dgvoodoo2, this is weird, this doesn't happen in all my pcs.
Bug: In this game clicking on a specific image allows the player to start the corresponding game, if you force higher res, the mouse cannot move freely in all the screen so choosing the correct game is hard. (game debug log here).
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