dgVoodoo 3DFX support?

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dgVoodoo 3DFX support?

Postby Sandi1987 » 2017-12-17 @ 12:15

dgVoodoo supports 3DFX or not? It's not working.
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Re: dgVoodoo 3DFX support?

Postby Zup » 2017-12-17 @ 12:35

- Are you trying DOS or Window games?
- What steps did you take to make it work?
- What games are you trying to run?

Please elaborate more your questions, at times it seems that you're a bot.
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Re: dgVoodoo 3DFX support?

Postby ZellSF » 2017-12-17 @ 12:36

Way too vague problem description. How about rather than making people ask you 20 questions in order to help you (most would choose not to bother and just opt not to help you) you try to think about what more information you could provide?

I'm not trying to be mean (well maybe a little), but this just isn't an effective way of getting help.

For starters, give a detailed description of what you have already done, what the results where and how they differed from what you were expecting.
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Re: dgVoodoo 3DFX support?

Postby Malik » 2018-1-18 @ 22:12

Search all the posts under the user's profile. Vagueness is least of the problems.
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