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I use dgvoodoo 2.55 and windows 10 and powerslide 1.04

1) With dgvoodoo2, i can't select resolution superior to 640x480 in ingame option menu and specular option is greyed. (I can force resolutuion in dgvoodoocpl and it works but specular doesn't work). I have tried all options in dgvoodoocpl.exe (voodoo2,voodoo3, other great) and same thing

With nglide, I can select resolution betwween 640x480 and 1280x1024 and specular can be turn on

In readme
"1. Added features (since v1.01)

- Added the ability to perform GameGauge speed-profiling tests, via a
command-line option.
- Support for higher resolution modes on the Banshee and Voodoo3 graphics

2. Bugs fixed (since v1.01)

- Voodoo3 cards are now detected as a Glide card, not a Banshee. This means
that specular will work on a Voodoo3."

2) If I want use direct3d mode, i have copied ddraw.dll. The dgvoodoo watermark appears ingame but when I want select the different renderer in graphic option, there are only software and nglide, not direct3d.